Processed with VSCO with s2 presetWelcome to the WALK (Women Appointed to Lead in the Kingdom) and my new blog- I AM NOT A FEMALE PASTOR.
WALK in itself was created to be an encouragement, inspiration and support to women in ministry and leadership. This blog is simply one of the pieces to the puzzle of my vision.

If you don’t mind, I would like to share a brief history of how this ministry came to be. My first year in ministry proved to be very challenging and often times I didn’t have great support or many that could understand my struggles. As a woman, new at pastoring, I had questions, but hardly received the answers I needed. I was often the encourager and inspirer, but didn’t have anyone to encourage or inspire me. I sought help but found none. I joined other groups, but still didn’t find what I was seeking or needing, which is the purpose I created WALK! I took the first step in getting flyers made and launching the Facebook group in November 2015.

WALK was never designed to just be a Facebook group. There are many facets to this ministry, however, I have been slow about taking the next steps. You know how it is sometimes; we get busy with ministry, being a parent, being a wife or work and school, and we fail to take the next step of the journey. Sometimes it’s fear or not knowing how to move forward. After a while, you will look up; another year has passed, and you realized you haven’t moved forward. You have been stagnant or can we just be real honest here and say the ugly P word- PROCRASTINATE- to be slow or late about doing something that should be done. Whatever the reason, we have to become bold enough and confident enough to take that next step.

I will admit that sometimes, taking new steps can be scary. These steps are similar to those of a baby learning to take his or her first steps. You see others doing it and you want to do it too, but it’s hard to let go of whatever or whoever you’re holding on to for security and just go (who wants to fall, right?). Sometimes we stagger and stumble a little bit, but eventually, just like a baby, if we are persistent, we will find ourselves moving right along; maybe not as good or as fast as others, but at least we are moving and a major accomplishment has been made.

For me, this blog is me taking my next step in moving forward in what I KNOW God has assigned me. What about you? Are you taking those steps in moving forward in your goals, dreams and ordained assignments? If not, have you narrowed down your reason as to why? Yeah…I know that sometimes it’s hard to be honest with yourself, but it is the key to eliminating excuses.  When we’re honest with ourselves and God, most times, we find the reason is us.  We must be able to narrow down and pin point where the problem lies, so we can know what to focus on.  No matter what the reason is, I want to help you overcome those challenges, fears and more. I want you to succeed and be empowered in your WALK!

With that being said, I want to share with you what you can expect. It is my desire to provide you with inspiration, encouragement and valuable teachings to help you on your journey as a woman in ministry and leadership. I’m committed to showing up weekly with experiences, lessons learned, prophetic messages, helpful tools, resources, and more! I pray that you will find these postings to be helpful, edifying and impactful.

Remember, the steps of a good woman are ordered by the Lord…all she has to do is WALK!

Pastor Clarissa Johnson

Author: Pastor Clarissa Johnson

Pastor, Transformational & Leadership Coach and Author.

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